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Okeene Germanfest Celebration

German Dessert Bakeoff

Make one of the desserts below and enter the German Dessert Bake-off Contest!

Scroll to the bottom for pre-registration form.

All entries become the property of OHPG and will be auctioned after judging.

Winner takes home $100.

The link under the picture will take you to a recipe.


  • Basic Kuchen dough is a sweet dough with a little lemon peel and most often topped with fruit, with or without a custard topping and baked. Traditionally for centuries a yeast dough was used and that is what my German grandmother used, but many today even in Germany use a dough that uses baking powder or even a baking mix.

  • Kirsch soaked chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream, chocolate and cherry filling, iced with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

  • This traditional German treat has two layers of yeast cake, a vanilla cream filling, and a crunchy gooey honey almond topping.

Let us know that you plan to bring an entry!

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