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Building Rental

Guidelines for Building Use


All persons applying for the use of the facility must be at least 21 years of age. In considering the use of the building, a group/individual may be asked to furnish references or credentials.

All persons wishing to reserve the use of the building must sign and return rental agreement with payment of rental fee and deposit. In order to get deposit refunded, the clean-up checklist must be completed. Click here to download the checklist. The person named in the agreement is the host of the event and constitutes responsibility for the attendees of the function, as well as any third parties who might engage to service the function.

If any damage to THE GARAGE, DUSBABEK OR BIERGARTEN occurs during the event, the Renter is responsible for payment of repairs.

Rentals for THE GARAGE, AND BIERGARTEN, attendees are not permitted in other rooms in the building, other than restrooms.

Children under the age of 13 must be supervised at all times.

OHPG properties are Tobacco Free facilities. No tobacco use is allowed in any area inside or outside, including The Garage, Dusbabek and The Biergarten.

Alcoholic beverages may be offered and consumed in moderation on the premises. All laws of the state of Oklahoma must be followed.

Disorderly Guests:  If anyone attending an event seems to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, it must be brought to the host’s attention. At that time, no additional alcohol will be served to that person and keys to a vehicle taken away immediately.

If at any time there is a disturbance or a fight at a function, it is the best practice to contact the host immediately to make a judgment as to whether to end the function immediately and whether to call the Police.

If the police or fire department is called out to the event, renter forfeits the total deposit.

Renter is responsible for setup.

The Garage decoration guidelines:

  • Nothing is to be attached to the ceiling or wires traversing the building for false ceiling
  • No tape, tacks, nails, etc., are to be used on the walls
  • No tape on the floor
  • Battery powered candles only
  • No open fires inside the building

Renter forfeits deposit and pays cost of repairs if any of these are done.

Dusbabek Building decoration guidelines: 

  • No tape, tacks, nails on walls
  • Staple gun may be used to attach items to ceiling  
  • Do not remove hanging lights
  • Other lights may be added as long as current lightning is not disturbed
  • Battery powered candles only
  • No open fires inside the building

Décor for rent.

  • Pipe and Drape
  • Circle Arch
  • Wooden Arch
  • Glass Votives
  • Candle Chandelier
  • Lighted Chandelier
  • Chalkboard Easels
  • Large Battery-Operated Candles,  
  • Round and Rectangular Tablecloths
  • 3-tiered Cake/Cupcake Stand
  • Birch Walls
  • Champagne Birch Wall
  • Gold Chargers.



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